Discrimination against hearing impaired without TTY machines

The T9-1-1. Cannot be accessed by all hearing impaired persons. I have hard time hearing when people are in a crowded places. Lots of back ground noise. I do have hearing AIDS and often use a persons lips and read them. 911 should be accessible to all hearing impaired regardless of TTY machine or not.

so now I am stuck with possible no assistance if I loose my voice again due to COVID-19 and call 911 and cannot ask for an ambulance and not prepare them for the fact I am covid positive. This is discrimination.
telus is the only telephone company with tty. Shaw has 711 and if you get a mobile phone with them you can fill out a simple form for it. Just because I am with Rogers I DO NOT GET THE SAME OPTIONS. I send mainly emails and texts.
I am being discriminated against.

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