"Homeless. Now housed."

"Causaian, G.M.C.C. educated, 57 year old female housed in a homeless shelter for two years."

So, how did that happen? Not from drugs or alcohol, but from extreme depression after my last closest relative died.

I was dropped off at the doorstep of Dwayne's Home on Christmas Eve, 2012. I lived and worked there in the kitchen for those years, getting to know each tenant by name. I was there for the fire. I was there when Amber went missing, etc .

While there we "loved" having the 'beat police' pull up on their bikes and stop in to check on us.

Years later I was again homeless (abusive situation), and held up at EXPO/Kingsman, where I saw incidences with the peace/police that broke my heart, but was helpless to intervene.

Today, I want to participate in this project to, calmly, share my experiences, and self-education in the global fight to, not end homelessness, ('cause that ain't ever going to happen), but rather give input as to how we can 'reduce' the amount of time, and negative effects that can happen from being in this situation, based on what I have read other successful cities are doing.

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Consultation has concluded