Edmonton Police and Inside Computer Hacking

I quickly moved to EDM and I had to find a place to stay. So I rented a suite from a man who was becoming a Police Officer.

He came home one day, from the Police Academy and he said there's a web site that anyone can go on, and buy illegal computer code. He said that they have illegal computer code for EVERYTHING. This Const. told me that he and his buddies were buying illegal software and putting it on the Edmonton Police computers.

So, if you make an Emergency call and it takes them a few days to get there? One reason might be because of illegal computer code on the EPS servers, put there by their own Police Officers. That's what one of them told me.

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Consultation has concluded

Admin Commented Yasin Cetin about 3 years ago
Good Morning, 
Fortunately, what you described would not be possible with the type of cybersecurity EPS has in place. 

Here is a brief overview:
• EPS network devices (PCs, MWSs) are locked down, users cannot install their own programs.
• We have many levels of security in place on our firewalls, servers and desktops that are actively monitoring any malicious activity on our networked devices. 
• We do regular penetration tests with a third party company to proactively provide any potential risks to our systems. 
• We are able to identify any software that is installed that is not part of our approved software offerings and remove it.
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