I appreciate the City Police that drive the pick up trucks

I drive Terwilliger drive and Anthony Henday a lot. In the last few years I have noticed that people drive Anthony Henday significantly faster than ten kilometres per hour past the speed limit making it dangerous for those that keep the law. There have been days that a person speeds past me like I am standing still and scare me--moments later I see that speeder pulled over by the Edmonton Police in a pick up truck. I also drive Terwilliger drive during rush hour and I do not have hands free on my phone so I have to be ready to pull onto the shoulder if I receive a call. A day does not go by that some person uses the shoulder to speed past me on the shoulder to merge onto off ramp to Anthony Henday making me upset that the shoulder is not available. On a few occasions the Edmonton Police pick up truck was waiting at the bridge and these shoulder driving people were pulled over.

Thank you Edmonton Police in the pick-up for keeping the freeways safe!

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