Skyrattler Heart for Neighbours

When 3-5 police cars show up (once a month) to the subsidized housing in Skyrattler, many of us as onlookers have no idea what we can do to help. Approaching police officers while they are engaged in a call doesn't seem safe or good. I'd love if an EPS member waved their hand to call the onlookers over, and ask them for help. Or if there's a social worker attending, have them walk across the street to the community and engage them in conversation. Our neighbours have a heart to share life with each other, but we don't know how to engage with those who know EPS members more than they do their next-door neighbour.

The only thing we know how to do is try and invite them with a flyer to an event (like a breakfast or BBQ), which has been stunted due to the global pandemic. For example, on Canada Day 2019 in Skyrattler, Edmonton our block did a pancake breakfast on a resident home driveway. To engage, we printed and delivered small flyers to every mailbox on our street and in that subsidized complex. That Canada Day we had about 15 adults from non-subsidized homes, and 8 kids from the subsidized homes to share breakfast. The kids came without their parents. The kids took plates filled with pancakes, bacon and sausages back home, then came back for more. While we didn't plan for that, miraculously the bacon, sausages and pancakes never ran out.

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