Queen Elizabeth Highschool Students (Engl 30-2 Oct14)

What more than anything do you want us know about your life and that of your friends and family?

  • "I am an immigrant and have been living in Canada for 6 years. During those 6 years, i faced no discrimination and feel welcome in Canada"
  • "I am a recent immigrant to Canada and I've felt like I didn't belong in the community. But, over the years I've changed my views and start to feel i am part of the community. "
  • "Although regret haven't been many negative incidents with my family, there have been unjustified actions towards people I know. Not trying to blame all the police. "
  • "I am a Muslim Girl, I get afraid every time I go out in public because people hate on you due to all the stereotypes- you never know what can happen."
  • "I used to be in a ghetto neighborhood, and I still kind of am. I almost got jumped by someone. "

What has motivated you to share your experiences with us today?

  • "I have never experienced how it feels to be stopped by police, and if I ever do, I hope that it will be nice and easy to deal with. "
  • "I want police to interact with the community they work for"
  • "The documentary we watched in Class "13th (Film)" motivated me to have a role in the world and join an organization and start something that could change some negative [things]. "
  • "I wanna know that I'm going to be alive after i get pulled over, or that I can rely on the police when i dial 9-11"

How has your community, family or life been affected by policing?

  • "I've had no interaction" (x5)
  • "I haven't had any bad impacts from the police. But that also means that police needs to interact more with their people to engrave a positive print on us. "
  • "I had no incidents with the police, however they are doing a great job keeping us safe."
  • "My life has not been affected by the police as I do not get to interact with the police often. "
  • "It made us not trust them. It made us fear for our lives. "
  • "I had one experience, I was with my brother when the cop came and immediately put my brother in handcuffs. He didn't even waste time..."
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Consultation has concluded