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I wish I could say that my past interactions with EPS were mostly positive. Unfortunately I can't.

Most interactions with ANY people in uniforms have been primarily defensive or adversarial.

In the past 3 months I have seen both sides of policing.

Although several officers have reached out to me personally I still had to watch others in uniforms berate and humiliate a senior citizen from our street community in public, release a violent perpetrator and arrest the person who called in the crime because they had warrants because of an LRT fine, harshly condescend, bully and even threaten a person who had committed no crime or have any criminal record while the person was on their own porch... You get the picture. Reaching out to build bridges with a community that sees those psychological (as well as physical) abuses nearly every day is going to take some serious changes to methods, attitudes and cultural literacy of ALL officers. Even some small changes could make a significant, positive difference in attitudes on both sides of the fence.

I'm in this forum by invitation. I also feel I can bring a realistic, honest, street level life of experience with policing to the table. I can also bring a well informed opinion of what / how / why on key issues. I, at very least, can give straight up opinion on how to change, potential economics of changing and the benefits of making the changes within the policing and justice businesses.

I digress... 🐞

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Consultation has concluded

Admin Commented Yasin Cetin about 3 years ago
Hi Cameron, 

Thank you for sharing your stories. Your experiences working with so many diverse populations is invaluable. We hope you share your ideas and invite others to share theirs too. 
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