Edmonton police spokesperson posts far-right conspiracy theories on own Facebook page

I am not a resident of Edmonton but I do care about our whole province and the direction we want to pursue. Today (Jan. 15, 2021) I read the above titled article in the Calgary Herald (Section A7) and it saddens me greatly that a person with such personal views would be considered appropriate for any role within the EPS let alone a supervisor in media relations (according to the article) responsible for sending news releases, taking requests from reporters for stories and interviews and relaying information to media about ongoing police incidents. This is an important article to read and I would encourage anyone in Alberta, but particularly Edmontonians to read this article and make your opinion known to EPS leadership. Racialized and underserved communities, our health, our values are at stake.
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Consultation has concluded

Admin Commented Yasin Cetin almost 3 years ago
Hi @Deb H, Thanks for reaching out regarding the news article and sharing your concern. The work we are undertaking with the Commitment to Action seeks to address and make changes to policy, procedure and ways of operating as a service. I think you are right in voicing particular concern around racialized and underserved communities- who for so long have been over policed and underserved. We will make sure your feedback is also taken in regarding the news article and we hope you continue to engage with the Commitment to Action. Thanks
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